Full-Service Concierge Design

Remodel & Construction

Looking for a low-stress remodel or seamless new-build design experience? Our Concierge Design service is tailor-made for you!

As a valued Concierge Design client, you’ll get access to all the benefits of having a dedicated design guide throughout the entire design and construction journey. That means you can keep living your regular life (you know, raising the kids, walking the dog, or chasing work deadlines) while BVD ensures that your project stays on course!

While each project is unique, our commitment is consistent – to take care of our clients from the initial sketch to the final walkthrough. Collaborating closely with contractors, sub-contractors, architects, and any other essential trades, I “speak contractor” and will be your steadfast partner in creating a space that seamlessly blends beauty with comfort.

What’s included?

Design Strategy

Not sure how to communicate what you want? Not to worry! Amanda will walk you through the design strategy process and share sketches, mood boards, 3D models, and samples with you so you can start to envision your new home long before you start demolition.

Construction Drawings

The to-scale documents and drawings your GC needs to build what you want him to build! Includes to-scale floorplans, elevations, and 3D models

Fixture, Finish, and (if needed) Furniture Selections

From paint to pendant lights, all chosen with your design vision in mind, and thoughtfully presented to save you from decision overwhelm.


Leave the purchasing to us - trust us that saving 15% on a bathtub is not worth the stress and hassle. Live your life while we do the dirty work.

Project Management

Design drawings are only useful if your GC follows the work. With the BVD team showing up for scheduled site visits during construction you can rest easy knowing you’ll get the room you expected!

Clear Correspondence & Communication

On top of everything else, you’ll end up with one of Amanda’s famous Design Binders! This is the secret BVD ingredient to construction success, keeping you and your contractors on the same page from demo day to done!

Give your remodel or new build the gift of an experienced designer and not only will your project have the best chance of success, but you (and your partner) will also avoid arguing with installers, hassling with purchases, deliveries, and returns, and collapsing from decision fatigue. If this sounds like the service you need, click here to tell us all about your project!

Pricing is per hour with a projected estimate of hours. Remodel and New Construction design fees start at $5000 and average between $8k and $15k. Travel fees apply for homes outside of Woodinville, Washington.

Furnishing & Decor

Need new furniture and decor but don’t have the time or talent to pull a comfortable, cohesive design together? Anxious that if you DIY it you’ll get the dimensions wrong? Worried that even if you get the dimensions right, you’ll still end up with a hot mess of things you like but don’t go with each other.

Concierge Design is here to help! Leave it in our hands to determine the right dimensions, help you choose elegant but inviting furniture in family-friendly fabrics, order everything you need, and manage the final installations!

If your furnishings and decor project needs specialty installers (for example, wallpaper installers, or decorative painters) don’t worry! We’ll work alongside whatever trades are necessary to complete the work, making sure your products are installed with care.

What’s included?




Never worry about buying the wrong sofa again! From inspiration to installation, let us give you a white glove experience and save you from design overwhelm, decision fatigue, and the hassle of purchases, deliveries, or returns. The devil’s in the details – but you can leave them to us! If this sounds like the service you need, click here to tell us all about your project.

Pricing is per hour with a projected estimate of hours. Furnishing & Decor design fees start at $5000 and average between $6500 and $8500. Travel fees apply for homes outside of Woodinville, Washington.

DIY Design Advice

Don’t need full-service Concierge Design but could really use the advice of a professional designer

Whether you need help picking a new paint color to compliment your existing furniture, advice on where to place art, or confirmation that your “crazy” design idea isn’t as crazy as your spouse says it is, BVD is here for you! Click here and we’ll help you get set up for a Design session in your home and give you all the advice we can on the spot!

Best for:

Paint Selection

General Design Direction and Advice

Art Placement

Note – this is a stand-alone service and does not come with any behind-the-scenes design time. Be prepared with a notebook or a recording device to capture all the information and design guidance I share during our session.

$500 for up to 90 minutes of expert design advice.
Travel fees apply for homes outside of Woodinville, Washington.