Where to Start / What to Expect

Every interior designer works differently – here’s what you can expect if you hire Amanda and the Brooks Vale Design team! 

Step 1: Fill out the Project Intake Form.

Be as detailed as you can, as this gives me a sense of your project as well as the kind of help you are hoping to get from a designer. When we receive your intake form we’ll follow up with a link so you can schedule your free Project Assessment Call. 

Step 2: Schedule your free Project Assessment Call

During this phone chat you’ll get a feel for my communication style and can ask any questions you have about my process while I confirm that I have both the time and expertise to help with your project.

Step 3: Schedule your in-person Initial Consultation (1 hour)

This paid visit ($350) kicks off our design process! During this meeting, you’ll share inspiration photos with me so I understand your design vision, and I’ll review the opportunities and limitations of your space relative to your design goals and budget.

If you choose to move forward with me, the fee for this session will be applied to your project.

Step 4: Review (and sign) your Design Agreement

After your Initial Consultation we’ll develop a breakdown of the design phases for your project with an estimate of hours for each phase, then send you a Design Agreement and an invoice for your design deposit (50% of projected hours). After that, we invoice monthly based on the hours we’ve spent working on your project.

Step 5: Kick Off your Design Project!

After you sign the agreement and pay the initial invoice, we’ll start the actual design work! Want to know more about what to expect once the project starts? 

1. Drawings and Layouts

The foundation of your design, these drawings and documents help you envision your new space and tell the contractors exactly what they need to know to build your beautiful rooms. We’ll create 2D as-built floor plans, and then develop your new layouts as 3D designs.

2. Finish & Fixture Selections

This is the fun part where we choose all your finishes, fixtures and (if needed) furniture and organize them into a spreadsheet used for both purchasing and by the contractor during the project. This phase will involve the majority of design decisions you’ll need to make, but don’t worry – it’s my job to make that as easy and non-overwhelming as possible!

3. Project installation and management

It’s finally time to break ground and start building your beautiful new spaces! After the contractor or I purchase all elements, they’ll have access to an onsite binder of every detail of your project so questions (like, which way do the cabinet handles go?) can be answered quickly and easily. In addition to having your on-site design binder, depending on the service level you want, I’ll come to the job site to make sure the design is being implemented according to plan. I’m here to see your project all the way through to the end if that is what you need. Working from home and can take care of onsite project management yourself? That’s great too! No need to pay me for services you don’t need!


I'm a straight-shooting designer who believes in friendly, but honest, guidance. My job is to thoroughly understand your goals and steer you toward choices that align with those goals (and away from options that might be cool but won't get you the results you want).

Thanks to my southern roots, my design approach leans towards the traditional, incorporating classic details, cozy touches, and layered elements that transform a house into a warm, inviting home. I have a passion for helping growing families of all ages and compositions and specialize in creating inviting gathering spaces. Clients often say I'm just like my Instagram – approachable, friendly, relatable, and genuinely passionate about family. And clients who’ve hired designers before often say I’m much easier to work with than other designers - what a great compliment!

I'm all about creating functional spaces, and I’m well-versed in construction. When you hire me you don’t just get my design expertise for making a space pretty, but also loads of practical knowledge that means your space will work well, too! 

Last but not least, know that I’ll be there for you to the end of your project - whatever that means for YOU. Whether it's guiding you through the entire process, or stepping back when you've got it covered, I'm here. Now, if you're taking on tasks that might not work well for you (like when someone attempted to create their specification spreadsheet without construction knowledge), I'll be honest and share my expertise and give you my best advice, but your decisions are always 100% in your hands!

I want you to hire me for my design expertise but love me for my southern hospitality. Once you’re a client, you’re practically family, and I can’t wait to invite you into mine!

I’m here to help with the whole process! I generally discourage my clients from DIYing their purchases or project management, not because I’m trying to defend my income, but because I want you to experience as seamless and low-stress a remodel as possible! Click here to read a retail shopping horror story if you want to know why I’m determined to save you from this kind of hassle.

Furnishing a room? My clients typically spend at least $15,000 on furnishings for a single room. Spend less than that and it might look amazing on install day but start falling apart within a few years - that “fast fashion” approach to design doesn’t align with BVD’s values. We don’t consider furniture a disposable purchase.

Alternatively, with a per-room furnishings budget of less than $15k you might only end up with a couch and a chair. That’s like putting on a shirt and pants but skipping the shoes and the jewelry. Sure, you’re technically dressed, but do you look “put together” and polished? Nope, because it’s the details that bring the whole outfit together! The same goes for your space - buy only the basics and you’ll have a place to sit, but your room won’t feel like those beautiful photos on Instagram. My goal is to help you get a fully furnished room so there is nothing left on your to-do list.

Remodeling a bathroom or kitchen? In the Puget Sound region you’re likely to spend at least $60k on a small bathroom and $100k on a big one, and no less than $100k - $150k on a kitchen.

Building from scratch? In the Puget Sound region you’re not going to spend less than $200k on construction, even on a small addition. It’s much more common to spend between $500k - $1million. If you’re hiring an architect to develop the plans for your new build, be aware that they typically charge 10% of the overall construction budget.

If any of these numbers shock you, remember that things can cost less than what I’ve listed above, but it usually means getting very creative and doing a LOT of it yourself. If you are the DIY type, our design services could still be for you! We’ve created plan sets for many clients working with their own subcontractors or doing the majority of the work themselves. Every project goes better with a well-developed plan, no matter who is doing the work! 

Of course, there is no upper limit for how much you can spend when remodeling or furnishing a home, so please be really frank with me about what you want to invest and about what quality level you expect for your investment. We can spend the same $300k modestly remodeling a 3000 sq ft house or lavishly remodeling a 100 square foot kitchen. (If you’re up for spending $50k on a light fixture over your dining table, just let me know. If you’ve got the budget, I’ve got the resources!) In the end, it’s up to you how much you want to spend, and my job to help you understand if that limits the quality and finish levels for your project. 

You bet! I have great contractors I like to work with and can refer you to.

I’m more than happy to work with a contractor you already know and trust! Since clear and effective communication is an essential part of making sure your project goes smoothly, I’ll want to set a meeting with them as early in our process as possible. If you have a contractor in mind please let me know!
That depends on several factors and could be me, the contractor, or you, the client. If you’re interested in making the purchases yourself let’s chat about that during your Initial Consultation to make sure that choice will lead to the experience and outcome you are hiring me for.

Short answer: If I can save you money without making you face a big hassle, I happily pass on my discounts!


Longer answer: Every project is different, not only because the products are different but also because every contractor works differently. They may have access to different pricing than me on certain items, and there may be certain items they insist on purchasing. You can trust that we have your best interest at heart and will always be happy to save you money, but never at the expense of your stress level or the quality of the experience you’ll have with me or the results you’ll get.

I have many clients who prefer to make purchases themselves, but I encourage you to be realistic with your resources. Do you have the time and mental energy to juggle that on top of handling your regular life? Is the extra stress worth the savings? Click here to read about my own frustrations shopping retail. Whatever you decide is okay by me, but if budget allows I strongly encourage you to leave the purchasing, receiving (and, if needed, returns) to me so I can give you the best, lowest-stress experience possible.

After the Initial Consultation ($350, paid upon booking the appointment) pricing is per hour. I provide a projected estimate of hours so you can budget for the design fees, and you pay 50% of the projected hours as a design deposit. We bill design time against your deposit, and when we have 10% remaining, we’ll invoice monthly for the duration of your project. 

DIY DESIGN ADVICE: The design fee of $500 is paid when you book the appointment. 

You can pay by credit card or via Apple Pay through our Quick Books invoicing system. Of course, you can also pay by check if you prefer.

There is a fee for the in-person Initial Consultation, but your Project Assessment Call is 100% free. Just make sure to have your questions ready so you can assess if I’m likely to be the right partner for your project before you invest in having me come to your home. Remember that we’ll apply the fee for the Initial Consultation to your design project if you choose to move forward with BVD. 

I only want to charge you for the time and services you need, and while I’m very efficient and help you make quick, confident decisions, I don’t want you to feel rushed. I’ve found that charging hourly helps my clients feel more involved in the process and more confident in their design investment, and allows me to stay flexible and let you add or subtract things throughout the process without hassle. 

If you live within 20 miles of the city of Woodinville there are no travel fees for design work. If your home is further away, let’s chat! 

For our DIY Design Advice service, there is a travel fee if your home is outside of Woodinville, WA.

Timing varies depending on the scope of the work to be completed. Typically the design phase takes 1-3 months, and then construction lasts anywhere from a few months to a few years. We can provide an estimated design timeline after the initial consultation. 

I get it - you want to know the bottom dollar, right? While every project is different, design fees start at $5000 and average $6500 to $15k, all depending on the scope of work and the level of concierge help you want.  After our  Initial Consultation I’ll develop a detailed scope of work and an estimate of hours, but remember - I charge hourly so that you can always be in control of your investment. More help or less help, it’s all in your hands! What I *can* say with pride is that my clients tell me I’m very in tune with the financial aspects of remodeling and understand budgeting. I’ll never underquote you just to sell you something.