Meet Amanda

Hi, I’m Amanda! I’m from Alabama, home of southern hospitality and some fierce college football, and I design beautiful, comfortable homes perfect for growing a family or gathering friends.

When my husband and I moved to Washington (so he could get his PhD at UW) I was delighted to escape those Alabama summers (heat and humidity – yuck!). But I didn’t leave everything behind – here are three fabulous things I value that come directly from my southern upbringing:

  • Hospitality! In the south we’re all about people. From epic Thanksgiving dinners to backyard barbeque bonanzas on Game Day (Roll Tide!) – we love to gather! You can trust me to deliver a space that makes room for everyone you love, perfect for hosting your family and friends. 
  • Food! Whether we’re baking cookies for Christmas or making a casserole for the neighbor who just came home from the hospital, our kitchens work hard, feeding stomach and soul. I love walking through people’s kitchens with them, strategizing the new build so it perfectly fits my clients’ lifestyles. Baking stations? Cocktail bars? Dog feeding stations? The function matters as much as the “pretty” – work with me and you’ll get a kitchen that cooks! ​​
  • Connection! In the South, even the grocery clerk is going to look you in the eye and ask after your health and kids. Raising my own kids I feel it’s more important than ever that we find opportunities to look up from our devices and look into a friendly face. I promise to deliver a home deliberately designed for connecting.

The design process is personal to me. I love to connect with my clients and want them to be comfortable throughout the entire journey. I also value good communication and alwaysdo my best to be transparent. If you ask around you’ll find out I “tell it like it is” and give honest, unfiltered feedback. I might not be the designer for you if you don’t like that kind of straight-talk, but don’t worry – I’m always kind about it! 

What about my credentials? I studied Interior Design at the University of Alabama, spent five years as a Junior Designer in Washington, DC (under the most remarkable design mentor!), and have had my business here in Woodinville since 2016. I’m new enough to bring fresh, creative ideas to your project but experienced enough to have a well-developed network and extensive skill set that’ll get your project done with as little hassle and stress as possible.

Do you love family, friendship, and tradition like me? Do you want to warm up your chilly Washington home with some southern warmth and comfort? I’d love to work with you! In the meantime you can follow me on Insta at – see you there!